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What we do

Deblanked is a Design-studio, FABlab and Store smashed together. We design, make or customize our products for unique one-of-a-kinds.
  • 3D printing

    We use 3D printing to create our own original products or to create custom designs for you on order. We can 3D print in ABS plastic or SLA resin plastic in our own FAB-lab or utilise off-location services to offer anything from ceramics to metals.

  • Laser Cut/Engrave

    Our high-end laser can cut and engrave numerous types of materials to the tenth of a millimeter. From leather to plexiglass to wood to even your iPhone. Have a moleskine or any other product in our store engraved as a truly unique gift.

  • Custom T-shirt

    Closet overflowing with shirts that just don’t scream you? Have one custom-made. We use T-shirts made from organic cotton and high-quality printing materials to make your perfect shirt with that snappy one-liner of yours.

  • Custom Decals

    We’re all about customising, but maybe you don’t want to have something as permanent as a tattoo on your product. Our custom cut stickers are strong, yet remove-able without traces. Great for windows, gadgets, cars etc.

Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Do you have a crazy idea? We can design it for you! As a design-studio we are versed in illustrations, graphic designs and 3D modelling. Combine this with our fabrication capabilities and we can make your craziest ideas reality.

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Customized B2B Branding

Customized B2B Branding

In need of some corporate branding above that sticks out? All the services we offer here are applicable to businesses and with big discounts for large orders.

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Can I have my own stuff customised?

Absolutely, we have done anything from wallets to name tags. As long as the material is properly laser able, we can do it. Do keep in mind that there is always a small risk with items you bring yourself. Just drop us a message by mail and we'll walk you through it.

I want something awesome made, but I have two left hands!

Don't worry. Our strength is having design and fabrication under one roof. We are open to any cool projects you may have. Just tell us what you want and we will design and make it for you. Whether you need a design for a personal gift or a professional design for your business. Prices depend on cost of material, fabrication and design-time. So the more complex and expensive the material, the higher the cost. Of course, you will get a quote before we start. Check the custom design page for more information.

I want to order more than just few, is there any discount?

For bulk or corporate orders we offer discounted prices. Of course, the more you need, the better price we can give you. Well we say "bulk", but anything more than 5 piece we can already offer you a small discount. Check the B2B page for more info.

I have my own design, how do I supply it?

We prefer a vector file like .Ai or .Eps. Make sure the shapes and text are all expanded and outlined. We can also work with pixel files (like .jpg), however, vectors will always be sharper. With pixel files, please make sure the contrast is strong. We prefer a stark white and black image.

What is the production time?

Generally, the production time on custom items is 1 to 3 days plus shipping. In case there you need something before a date, please mail beforehand, we may be able to accommodate.

What kind of materials can be lasered?

Our industrial CO2 laser can cut and engrave Plexiglass, most wood types (plywood, solid, etc.), Paper/cardboard, Leather, PU-leather, Silicone rubber, natural rubber, textiles (natural). We can engrave or mark glass, ceramics, stone, marble, Aluminium*, Steel*, other metals*. *Costs extra, because of special coating required. We can go up to 15mm thick (differs per material) and the maximum size is 600x300mm.